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I believe true beauty is achieved from the inside-out.  

Danielle came to the USA in 2000 after having her own salon in Israel where she was the leading expert in various services that she offered.

After having that success in her country it was just a strong desire to try the big deal...  

Working hard, being devoted, determined and detail oriented she made her way very fast to be the most desired person to all your beauty services.

Love to learn and keep herself updated with the market demands Danielle kept growing and learning from the top in the industry.

Today she owns her welcoming,  with great atmosphere and good energy place in Riverdale NY. 

With gratitude and deep appreciation she keeps saying: " I will never have that without my most faithful following clientele".

Following her passion for all beauty services, she joined Phi-Academy studied Microneedling, Tattoo removal, Plasma treatment, Permanent make-up, Microblading and become Royal artist. this is not where she stops! Joining her Master she travels cross-country to teach and educate people how to follow their passion and fulfill their professional dream.

Under her long list of services you can find, the most relaxing and advanced Facial treatments, She is the expert in all Foot problems, Nails, Make-up, Waxing, Permanent Make-up, Microblading and more...

Danielle services are known to be nothing but excellent or her clientele new word to describe her Therabeauty which stands for Therapist and Beautician. 

Therabeauty is her occupation! Visit us to Experience The WOW Effect! Danielle's Body and Skin Care 

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